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Rapid feasibility of an innovative idea could be the differentiation that your company needs to support your growth goals.   

At Enkidu, we work with our clients to provide the development of new products through physical representation, allowing the prototype to be tested before it is approved for manufacturing.

We offer:

●   New product design and testing

●   Modification of existing products to meet new requirements

●    Quality control backed by documentation and certification

●   Quick delivery to ensure clients gain an edge in the market

●   Joint development & Non-disclosure agreements


At Enkidu, we have extensive moulding facilities to convert fluoropolymers and high performance plastics into stock shapes, offering both injection moulding and compression moulding on site.

We offer rod and tube in a wide range of diameters and lengths, and a bond to board service suitable for machining at your premises.

Our moulded PTFE sheet is available in a variety of dimensions and we can also provide dimpled sheet suitable for a range of applications including slide bearings. 

Skived PTFE tape can be produced in continuous rolls, cut sheets or slit to a specific width.

Our moulding technologies are supported by our R&D and prototyping services, providing semi finished materials into a variety of markets including Aerospace, Chemical, Fluid Management and Semiconductor.

R & D Consultancy

At Enkidu, we work with our clients to adapt and enhance their existing methods or processes. Through collaboration, we improve productivity and can also provide bespoke formulations for specific application requirements, ensuring they lead the way in innovation.

We offer:

● Advice on materials selection

● Bespoke compound formulations through our in-house laboratories

● New product design and testing from prototyping to full scale production

● Modification of existing products to meet new requirements

● Development and improvements to manufacturing capabilities

● Process control and analysis, placing empathise on lean thinking

● On-site consultations

● Joint development & Non-disclosure agreements

● Laboratory testing including material physical properties testing



PFAS and the future of Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers are considered polymers of low concern (PLC) because they do not dissolve or contaminate water and cannot enter or accumulate in a person's bloodstream.
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