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About Us

About Us

Enkidu Polymers was founded with a clear objective to support the innovation requirements of slow-moving projects linked to long term market opportunities for companies of all size.

All companies, large and small, will have to make difficult decisions on focus areas and allocation of specialist personnel. Alongside the market uncertainty and pressures of a global supply chains, capital allocation and knowledge acquisition could be time consuming. This is where Enikdu Polymers will add significant value. As experts in polymers, composites, and specialist materials, with advanced testing facilities, we will shorten your development cycles and act as the contract manufacturing partner and/or manage the necessary supply chain network.

As per the tale of Gilgamesh, Enkidu Polymers strives to improve our customers business whilst ensuring we grow our scientific knowledge and profitability too.

Innovation is at the heart of our strategy. So let us be your extended innovation arm in advanced material technology for your specific sector.

Our commitment to Quality is demonstrated through our BS EN ISO 9001:2015

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