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PTFE – Free Flow vs Non Free Flow

Enkidu PTFE products are available in both free flow (FF) and non free flow (NFF), but what’s the difference?

Free flow PTFE is designed for compression, semi- automatic or isostatic moulding and offers improved handling and better productivity due to not becoming agglomerated during transportation. Free flow also enables thin wall moulds to be filled more easily.

Non free flow PTFE is designed for compression moulding and offers advantages when hand filling moulds with thick walls. Non free flow PTFE offers better physical properties than free flow.

Virgin PTFE is used in a wide range of applications across a broad spectrum of industries due to its unique properties including:

  • Broad temperature range -200°C to 260°C (-392°F to 500°F)
  • Near zero stick/slip force
  • Hydrophobic
  • Good electric and dielectric properties
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays
  • FDA Approved
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Superior chemical and solvent resistance
  • High electrical resistance


At Enkidu, we can blend PTFE with pigments and fillers to create a range of PTFE compounds. Fillers modify and enhance a number of properties including:

Bronze – Improving wear resistance, compressive strength and thermal conductivity

Carbon – Improving thermal conductivity and reducing wear and deformation under load

Stainless Steel – Improving load bearing capability and good chemical resistance and provides high wear resistance

MoS2 – Improving wear resistance and surface hardness and provides reduced friction

Polyimide – Improved wear resistance, increased hardness and reduced friction

Graphite – Improved lubricity, load carrying capabilities, wear resistance and is chemically inert

Ekonol – Improved wear resistance against soft dynamic surfaces

PPS – Improved wear and abrasion properties, excellent deformation and extrusion resistance

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