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Enkidu PPS

High Performance


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Enkidu PPS compound is available as a powder. Suitable for a variety of processing methods including compression moulding, isostatic moulding and ram extrusion.

●  Operates through a wide range of temperatures -50°C to 220°C (-58°F to 428°F)

●  Maintains strength and high rigidity over wide temperature ranges

●  Excellent dimensional stability

●  Good chemical resistance

●  Inherently UL V-0 (self-extinguishing)

●  Excellent electrical properties

●  Light weight, cost-effective and completely recyclable

●  Low moisture absorption

Suitable for an extensive variety of applications in industries including electrical components, pump and valve components, seals, bearings and bushings. 

Our PPS compounds can be modified with fillers and pigments to provide application specific solutions, please contact us for more details.


●  Semi Finished stock shapes and profiles

●  Automotive Component Applications

●  Electrical/Electronic Part Applications

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