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Enkidu Virgin PTFE


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Enkidu virgin PTFE products are available in both free flow (FF) and non free flow (NFF).

Suitable for a variety of processing methods including compression moulding and isostatic moulding.

FF (Free-Flowing) can be used for Compression, Semi- Automatic and Isostatic Moulding. FF is beneficial for thin wall, when hand filling as the mould can be filled easier.

NFF (Non Free-Flowing) for Compression Moulding. NFF is beneficial for moulds with thick walls when hand filling and has better properties than FF materials.

● Wide service temperature range -200°C to 260°C (-392°F to 500°F)

● Near zero stick/slip force

● Low coefficient of friction

● Low moisture absorption

● High electrical resistance

● Electrical insulation

● Superior chemical and solvent resistance

● Resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays

● FDA grades available

Suitable for an extensive variety of applications in industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Water.


● Semi Finished stock shapes and profiles

● Fluid Management components

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