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Enkidu Filled PTFE


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Enkidu filled PTFE products are available in both free flow (FF) and non free flow (NFF).

Suitable for a variety of processing methods including compression moulding and isostatic moulding.

FF (Free-Flowing) can be used for Compression, Semi- Automatic and Isostatic Moulding. FF is beneficial for thin wall, when hand filling as the mould can be filled easier.

NFF (Non Free-Flowing) for Compression Moulding. NFF is beneficial for moulds with thick walls when hand filling and has better properties than FF materials.

Our PTFE compounds can be modified with fillers and pigments to provide application specific solutions. Fillers include:

● Carbon

● Graphite

● Bronze

● Stainless Steel


● Glass Fibre

● Carbon Fibre

● Barium Sulphate Zinc Oxide

● Ekonol®

● MoS2


● Polyimide

● Mineral

● Ceramic


Semi Finished stock shapes and profiles

● Fluid Management components

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