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Fluoropolymers are virtually chemically inert, highly resistant to temperature, non-stick, weatherproof and non wetting

Widely used for applications in industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Semiconductor

Enkidu Fluoropolymers are usually primarily chosen for their non-stick and low friction attributes. Coupled with exceptional heat and chemical resistance, fluoropolymers also have superior electrical properties in comparison to other polymers.

Fluoropolymers prolong the life of many components, providing protection against heat, environmental effects, chemicals and other aggressive fluids making them an indispensable material in many sectors with few feasible alternatives.

Enkidu also manufactures Semi-Finished products from our Enkilon compounds.

Enkidu fluoropolymers products are available in a range of flow grades, including free flow (FF), non free flow (NFF) and powder. Suitable for a variety of processing methods including compression moulding, isostatic moulding and ram extrusion.

Our polymer blends are developed in-house to provide the highest quality and we can produce tube, rod, profiles, sheet and tape in a wide range of sizes. 

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